Facebook Performance Marketing


A Retail-Minded Approach to Advertising on Facebook

Align Facebook with Your Ecommerce Strategy

We understand that Facebook is a 360-degree market opportunity for retail brands—the channel can be applied to every stage of the e-commerce conversion funnel.

Many brands still struggle to understand how to allocate budget, apply resources, and implement a full-funnel strategy that takes advantage of the opportunities available with Facebook advertising.

Our Facebook Performance Marketing program diagnoses and executes on ad strategies that align Facebook with your unique business objectives.

We Leverage Facebook to Address 4 Key Business Objectives


Brand Awareness

Increasing market share by reaching new audiences


Creating net new site visitors, email signups, and first-time purchasers

Customer Activation

Turning browsers and one-time purchasers into repeat buyers



Driving up CLTV and customer loyalty

How We Launch Your Customized Strategy


  • Assign a dedicated Facebook Marketing Team to handle your account’s day-to-day and long term planning
  • Undergo an initial creative briefing process to better understand your company background, business objectives, target audience, style guidelines, competitive considerations, budget, and site traffic to inform initial Social strategy
  • Audit the existing creative strategy and Facebook ad campaigns to understand trended performance over time
  • Deliver a customized Performance Social Launch Deck with budget allocations, approach recommendations, and key performance indicators (KPIs) segmented by your discussed business objectives


Our Facebook Approach

It’s critical to triage your business goals to not only effectively allocate resources against each stage of the shopper funnel, but also to create a strong set of KPIs to increase the efficiency of each dollar spent on the channel.

Growing Your Audience Size & Profitability


  • Full setup and customization of the Facebook pixel on the e-commerce site
  • Scheduled uploads and data cleansing of your CRM and 1st-party data into Facebook
  • Use of Facebook Insights, Google Ad Planner, and other third-party tools to understand the nature of your current audience and unpack which segmenting dimensions can be used to create themed clusters of new potential customers
  • Setup of lookalike audiences based on CRM and pixel data, interest-based audiences, video viewers, and fans to grow brand awareness
  • Setup of website custom audiences (cart abandoners, visitors past 7/15/30 days, content viewers, etc.) for retargeting and new customer acquisition
  • Setup of existing customer audiences using CRM data to re-engage with loyalty-based offers and encourage repeat purchases


Executing on Day-to-Day Account Management


  • Ongoing ad creation and optimization to drive towards your unique promotions, goals, and KPIs
  • Implementation of a segmented campaign architecture, naming conventions. and reporting to align goals and strategy
  • Weekly reporting at the ad set, campaign, and business objective-level to provide insight into trended direction of campaigns
  • Consistent setup of A/B tests around copy, creative, CTAs, and landing pages to optimize for target KPIs
  • Intake of your promotional calendar to align non-social promotions with social messaging and engagement
  • Automated product feed submission to Facebook to take advantage of Dynamic Ad targeting opportunities


Providing Ongoing Social Strategy & Channel Guidance


  • Dynamic budget allocation to proactively shift spend to effective campaigns while quickly iterating against unsuccessful campaigns
  • Active vetting of new Facebook features and ad formats that apply to your objectives
  • Close coordination and consulting with your brand voice and creative as it relates to ad placements
  • Liaising on your behalf with Facebook support to identify relevant beta programs and provide support
  • Ongoing vetting of complementary social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, and Polyvore


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“We’ve had an amazing experience with everyone we’ve worked with at CPC Strategy. They always take the time to thoroughly explain unfamiliar concepts or address questions about campaign performance. We’ve worked with different agencies before, and what we really appreciate about CPC is that they’re true partners.”

– Halsey Schroeder, Founder | CEO , Halsbrook



Proven Client Growth on Facebook

We Turn Browsers Into Buyers

+293% Facebook Orders and +42% Conversion Lift in Google

Before partnering with CPC Strategy in March 2015, Halsbrook managed all of their paid ads in house, which expended much of their marketing bandwidth.

Vuori Increases Sitewide Revenue Growth +376% with Facebook

Vuori was extremely eager to acquire new customers, build their brand awareness, and increase sitewide revenue. They teamed up with CPC Strategy to improve their Facebook and Google Shopping advertising efforts.