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The Facebook Performance Marketing Guide for Retail Brands

How Facebook Can Impact All Parts of the Ecommerce Conversion Funnel

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The Story: We believe Facebook is poised to impact the online retail industry in a major way. The rapid evolution of Facebook’s many advertising products has empowered it to serve as the primary branding channel for many retail brands. Facebook now demands the attention of brands looking to engage shoppers at each stage of their buying cycle.

The Guide: This guide explains how Facebook can apply to a brand’s unique business objectives, from prospecting into new audiences to turning one-time buyers into repeat purchasers.

Who It’s For: Retail brands (manufacturers, private labelers, etc.) selling direct-to-consumer on their e-commerce site


Topics Discussed:

  • The fundamentals of Facebook ad creation
  • Our findings on how creative should be applied to fit different business objectives
  • How to increase market share by building new prospectable audiences
  • Creating net new site visitors, email signups, and first-time purchasers
  • Driving up existing customer lifetime value with promotions and loyalty programs

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