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How To Set Up & Promote Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads

Strategies For Retailers to Engage in Facebook’s New Marketing Program

Wednesday, June 10th | 11AM PST

Facebook’s latest product advertising program could lead to groundbreaking revenue for retailers thanks to their advanced user-data and targeting capabilities. From awareness to purchase, retailer’s can cater to the user’s journey through a variety of targeting options. Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads are designed to help businesses promote their entire product catalog across all consumer devices. With Dynamic Product Ads, retailers have another avenue to promote inventory, while Facebook users can discover more relevant products in a native setting.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?
  • How to set up Facebook Business Manager
  • How to Set Up and Link a Product Catalog to Business Manager
  • Installing the Facebook Conversion Pixel
  • Implementing a Custom Audience Pixel with a Dynamic Element
  • How to Create a Facebook Dynamic Product Advertisement
  • Best Practices for Facebook Targeting
  • Live Q&A

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Course Speakers

Rick Backus

CEO, Co-Founder

Stephen Kerner

Senior Retail Search Manager

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