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The Google Shopping Guide:
2016 Edition

Next-Level Implementations for Advanced Shopping Advertisers

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The Story: Over the past year, it has become clear that the retail battleground that is Google Shopping has become much more competitive, forcing the average advertiser to advance their strategy to achieve better, if not the same, results.

The Guide: This guide builds off of common best practices and discusses the strategies that are top-of-mind for us here at CPC Strategy. We believe that these implementations will soon become requisites for any top-tier Shopping strategy.

Who It’s For: Brands/retailers already on Google Shopping


You’ll Learn:

  • Pros & cons of a conventional Shopping campaign architecture
  • How to get more targeted with your mobile traffic
  • Improving control over Geo-Targeting & Ad Scheduling modifiers
  • Setting up RLSAs for Shopping (now available for all US advertisers)
  • Negative keyword filtering vs. sculpting
  • How to set up a Search Query Optimized campaign (a.k.a. “exact-match targeting” on Google Shopping)

Learn Cutting-Edge Google Shopping Strategies

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