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Best-in-Class Expertise with Google Shopping

Ongoing success on Google Shopping requires both customizing the Google Merchant Center feed in unison with maneuvering ad visibility levers within AdWords. By treating each SKU as its own line of business, retailers can maximize their performance and profitability on the channel.

We’ve been managing product ad programs on Google for over 8 years and have since been identified as a Premiere Google Shopping Partner.



How We Achieve Growth with Your Account

  • Assigning a Dedicated Retail Search Team to Each Account
  • Processing the Master Product Feed via CPC Strategy’s CAPx Platform & Reallocating
    Product Attributes & Keywords for Enhanced Relevancy
  • Submitting the Google Merchant Feed Daily, Up to 24x Per Day If Necessary
  • Allocating Budget to the Most Profitable Campaigns & SKU Segments, Driving Bottom Line Change,
    and Eliminating Wasted Ad Spend
  • Facilitating the Integration of Product & Seller Reviews into Shopping Campaigns
  • Incremental Adjusting of Mobile Bid Modifiers to Balance Traffic Volume with Profitability
  • Evaluating Audience-Level Performance, Increasing Visibility for High-Value User and Behavioral Segments
  • Scaling Ad Visibility via Day-Parting, Geo-Targeting, and Device-Level Modifications
    Based on Previous 30, 60, and 90 Day Data
  • Facilitating Google Trusted Stores Certification
  • Implementing Product-Level Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads
  • Appending Product Data Titles, Descriptions, and Attributes to Include Core Terms
  • Installing Remarketing Tags on Client Site to Collect Site Visitor Data and Create an Audience Pool to Retarget


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