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The Role of Technology in
Google Shopping Management

How Brands & Retailers Can Integrate Automation Into Google Shopping Strategy

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The Story: In 2016, Google Shopping managers need to acquire mastery over 3 new horizons: feed optimization, search term targeting, and automated bidding. All 3 become much more accessible with the use of programmatic technology.

The Guide: This guide lays out the various applications for Shopping automation that we’ve seen to be most useful. When implemented, Shopping practitioners can most effectively manage their entire product catalog and start to access some of the most advanced Shopping tactics only available through programmatic technology.

Who It’s For: Advanced Google Shopping advertisers


You’ll Learn About:

  • Custom label management
  • Setting programmatic bidding rules for the most granular control
  • Budget pacing and monitoring
  • Feed and account error alerts
  • Search term analysis by cohort
  • Search query optimized (SQO) campaigns


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