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Google Trusted Stores And Google Wallet

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Google Trusted Stores 

Google Wallet 


Google Trusted Stores

Google Shopping, like Amazon and many other online shopping sites, is a comparison shopping engine at heart. Note: Shoppers are searching for items on Google Shopping in order to compare prices, and other vendor metrics like shipping rates and reliability. Google Trusted Stores is a Google Shopping feature which helps merchants reassure shoppers about how great and reliable they are. You are a great store! You ship reliably, you have great prices and your customer service is really helpful. Shoppers should know these things, and more importantly, shoppers should trust you. You can highlight these attributes by being a Trusted Store on Google Shopping. Just like Google Wallet, merchants who are Trusted Stores are highlighted on comparison pages:

product listing ads consumer features trusted stores merchant

And Trusted Stores is also highlighted on PLAs:

product listing ads consumer features trusted stores plas

So online shoppers who are looking for a store that has reliable customer service and shipping will be more likely to purchase from your site. And your site is distinguished from other sellers on both PLAs and comparison pages. On top of that, you’ll have the Google Trusted Stores badge on your site, which serves like a security badge and will alleviate purchase hesitation for some customers. You can sign up here.  

Google Trusted Stores For Online Merchants

Having exceptional customer service and reliable shipping is always helpful in creating return customers and increasing conversions, and is even more important moving forward with Google Shopping. Google Trusted Stores isn’t something which all merchants qualify for. To be eligible, you need to meet certain requirements. But if you do, it’s a great way to let consumers know how awesome you are. And it will encourage consumers who are looking for certain seller metrics to purchase from you and not some other guy. The Google Trusted Store badge will require some coding, so you may need help with signing up. Trusted Stores also requires you to send additional feeds to the GML, so you’ll need to be knowledgeable about that as well. These are just more features which make the online shopping experience more fluid for shoppers. Google is designing a shopping engine which shoppers will want to use. And when Google is more user friendly, you are too.

Google Wallet

Currently, Google Wallet is a Google feature which allows merchants to process payments on Google Shopping (sort of like PayPal). Mobile is big right now, and electronic payment systems like Google Wallet, MCX (a major Google Wallet competitor) and Isis are getting big also, making it easier for consumers to purchase online via their phones. Mobile purchases and electronic Wallets are only going to get bigger, so it’s in your best interest to get out there.Goolge Shopping Wallet Just as Google Trusted Stores is an inch towards Amazon-like shopping features, it’s easy to picture Google Wallet evolving into a shopping cart. Which would mean secure transactions on Google Shopping for consumers, eliminating the need to visit merchant sites. Goolge Shopping Electronic Wallet

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