The History Behind The Comparison Shopping Report

Author | Tien

comparison-shopping-niiThe Comparison Shopping Report is the brain child of Nii Ahene, CPC Strategy’s COO.

Nii was inspired to create the report after talking to online merchants who were unable to find data on comparison shopping engines from normal market research analysts like Forrester.

What he soon found out was that retailers were not the only ones interested in the data.

Tien Nguyen, pictured in the video below, is our Chief Technology Officer and data analyst of the comparison shopping report.

He’s been the residing manager of the report’s accuracy and analysis for as long as we’ve been putting it out.

From establishing the metrics we measure to being a driving force behind the presentation of the data itself, Tien is the chief strategist and executioner to keep the report alive, well, and thriving.

You can check out Tien’s work, 18 comparison shopping rankings to date, on the Comparison Shopping Report Table of Contents.


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