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How A Paid Search Agency Can Complement – Not Replace – Your
In-House Team

Why Retail Marketers Benefit from Partnering with the Right Agencies

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Whether you’re currently evaluating agency partners or looking to bring in more in-house Marketing Managers, one of your goals should be to maximize Paid Marketing performance by assembling the most capable team possible.

Oftentimes, this decision comes down to whether management should remain in-house OR be outsourced to an agency, yet the reality is that many major retail advertisers opt for the hybrid approach: having the in-house Marketing team work in conjunction with a digital marketing agency.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • How a Director of Marketing Should Approach Agency Evaluation
  • Unique Situations Where it May Make Sense to Partner with an Agency
  • Why Major Retailers Opt for a Hybrid Approach to Agencies
  • The Natural Progression for Scaling PPC Channel Management
  • The Most Important Agency Value-Adds for an In-House Marketing Team

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