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How Retailers Can Become Google Trusted Stores

Assessing the Viability of the Program & Breakdown of the Certification Process

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Google Trusted Stores certification has proven to be a clear differentiator in an increasingly more competitive Google Shopping landscape. And now that Google has recently lowered the barriers to entry to becoming a Trusted Store, retail advertisers can take advantage of the program and establish a clear value proposition in time for Q3 and Q4.

But what are the most difficult aspects of become certified? How long does the process take? What effect does Trusted Stores recognition have on bottom-line sales? This white paper dives into why the program matters, breaks down the certification process step-by-step, and provides feedback from retailers who have already obtained the GTS badge.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • Overview of the Google Trusted Stores (GTS) Program
  • The Biggest Value-Adds of Trusted Stores Recognition
  • Assessing Your Business’ Eligibility
  • Walkthrough of the Certification Process
  • 3 Current Trusted Stores Weigh In on the Program

Become a Google Trusted Store

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