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Innovating Your Google Shopping Strategy for Q4 2015 & Q1 2016

Implementations to Test & Evaluate to Ramp Up in Q1

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Google Shopping consistently proves itself as a top-performing advertising channel for retailers during the busy Holiday shopping season. The program is anticipating more advertisers and more spend this year than ever before.

This presents a problem: With more competition, how can you take a more aggressive approach while maintaining – if not improving – profitability? This thorough, practical course will walk through the most pertinent Shopping strategies that sophisticated retail Marketing Managers should test for the high-traffic season.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Using Multiple Campaigns for a More Aggressive Approach
  • Isolating Mobile Traffic
  • Improving Geo-targeting Control
  • Improving Ad Scheduling Control
  • RLSAs for Shopping
  • Competitive Monitoring with Auction Insights
  • Negative Keyword Sculpting
  • Testing with Search Query Optimization
  • Live Q&A

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Course Speakers

Rick Backus

CPC Strategy | CEO, Co-Founder

Jason Bell

Sr. Retail Search Manager | CPC Strategy

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