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Comparison Shopping Report Introduction

Author | Tien

What Is CPC Strategy’s Comparison Shopping Report?

Each quarter we look at our clients’ shopping feed sales data, instill anonymity, and compile it into a free public report. The comparison shopping report is designed to help marketers, agencies, retailers, and market-research analysts get a bird’s-eye view of the top-performing comparison shopping engines.

Using data from over 50 retailers, we began the study in Q1 of 2009. Today, we’re able to look at the data of more than 250 online retailers with revenues ranging from $1 million to more than $1 billion each year. We normalize the data on a scale of 100 to make the study fair and rank the comparison shopping marketing channels on a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), including:

  • Average Conversion Rate
  • Average Total Revenue
  • Average CPC
  • Average Cost Per Sale (ad costs divided by revenue)
  • Responsiveness Rating (gives retailers, marketers and agencies an indication of how helpful each data feed marketing channel is with merchant support)
  • Merchant Tools (gives retailers, marketers and agencies an indication of how easy each data feed marketing platform is to use)

A Short History Of The Comparison Shopping Report

Best Comparison Shopping Engine, authorsCOO Nii Ahene and CTO Tien Nguyen are the founders fathers of the report, which has had more than 15 iterations since its initial release.

Since its onset, the report has evolved to address the needs of its readers. One of those additions was category-specific rankings for Home & Garden, Electronics, Sporting Goods, and Apparel product categories (data available on-demand). Another iteration this year (2013) dove into how Google Product Listing Ads stacks up against its closest competitors in the shopping report (data available on-demand).

Google Product Listing Ads have notoriously ranked as the number 1 comparison shopping website for the entire report’s history. And no, we don’t have any special affiliations with Google that would skew the data in their favor. It’s simply proven to be the most profitable, cost-effective comparison shopping site for retailers in our reports.

Why Is The Comparison Shopping Report Important?

This report gives you a birds-eye view on which comparison shopping engines work best for ecommerce retailers.  This helps retailers, marketers, agencies, and market researchers to make informed decisions about where to list and advertise their products.

How Should I Use The Comparison Shopping Report?

You should use it as a rule of thumb in terms of what you can expect when listing on these channels. One small caveat is that these are the results from CPC Strategy clients. We are experts in managing shopping feeds for our clients and have been doing so for more than 6 years, so you may see different results when you start to market on comparison shopping websites.

This report is a good indicator of the potential sales, volume and ROI you can expect from these channels, but again since it is taken as an aggregate of more than 250 retailers, the results by category and by each individual merchant will vary drastically, depending on product mix, website conversion rate, margins and ROI goals, as well as the ability to remarket to customers acquired through these comparison shopping channels over time.


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