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Is Your PPC Team / Agency Managing Your Product Feed?

The Critical Role of the Product Feed in Retail Search Campaigns

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A PPC agency – or any PPC team, for that matter – is at the forefront of some of the most significant customer acquisition channels for retail businesses, namely Google Shopping.

For this very reason, it’s critical that retail Marketing Managers and Directors ensure that PPC accounts are placed in the hands of a team who has full-control over every major aspect that influences the generation of qualified Search traffic. Often overlooked, the product feed is arguably the most essential piece to success on a channel like Google Shopping.

And so the premise is simple: Is your PPC agency/internal team managing your product data? And if so, what ongoing customization is being applied to your feed?


Topics Discussed Include:

  • The Role of Product Data in the Google Shopping Auction
  • Pros & Cons of Product Data Management
  • Maximizing Feed “Quality Score”
  • Optimizing for Feed Relevancy
  • Questions to Ask an Agency That Does Manage Your Feed

Are you getting the most out of your feed-driven channels?

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