Madison Art Shop Revamps AdWords Strategy,
Doubles Orders From Text Ads


In July of 2013, Madison Art Shop contacted CPC Strategy because they were dissatisfied with the results of their Paid Search strategy – both for AdWords text ads and Google Shopping.


Madison Art Shop has excellent retail success with repeat customers and although their paid channels weren’t necessarily running at a loss, they felt there was a huge opportunity for growth with AdWords.


Identifying Key Campaign Issues


Since AdWords and Google Shopping are a significant part of their digital marketing strategy, Madison Art Shop worked with their dedicated Retail Search Managers at CPC Strategy to identify core issues with their Paid Search execution, including:


  • Poor usage of dynamic keyword insertion, leading to irrelevant ad copy
  • Rudimentary campaign structure limiting targeting capabilities
  • ​Severe product feed issues, including weak product titles and descriptions



Founded in 2002, Madison Art Shop is a nationally recognized materials supplier to the art community, serving Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, and individual customers. They sell more than 5,800 products and generate between $2-3 million in annual revenue.


David Weichel | Paid Search Director


“When we first started working with Madison Art Shop, we inherited an AdWords strategy that was clearly divided in it’s approach to campaign types and varying stages of the buying cycle. Part of our focus was to remove the functional silos that existed between text ad and Shopping campaigns and use applied learnings from each to improve existing targeting strategies and create new advertising opportunities that were already proven to convert.”

Text Ads & PLAs: A Powerful One-Two Punch

After working closely with Madison Art Shop to define meaningful KPIs for AdWords, CPC Strategy launched a two-fold approach, addressing needed improvements to Madison’s inventory data and using product-level performance metrics from PLAs to inform text ad decisions:

    • Reallocated product details to product titles and descriptions in Madison’s product feed
    • Bolstered Madison’s feed with relevant converting search terms with AdWords search term reports
    • Restructured campaigns for Google Shopping and problematic text ads
    • Improved visibility for Madison’s Best Seller product group on Google Shopping
    • ROI-driven bid optimizations for keywords and custom product groups
    • Leveraged search term data to inform valuable targeting opportunities
    • Continuous keyword sculpting to eliminate irrelevant ad visibility 
    • Active A/B testing variations to improve click-through & conversion rates
    • Refined ad performance using geo-targeting & ad schedule bid adjustments
    • ​Decreased mobile visibility due to high traffic but low conversion rate


A Leading PPC Management Agency vs. CPC Strategy

Before partnering with CPC Strategy, Madison Art Shop formerly worked with a popular leading ecommerce marketing / PPC agency. Results below compare data from 7 months with a Leading PPC Agency to just 6 months with CPC Strategy.

Dates: 10/1/12 – 4/30/13 vs. 8/1/13 – 1/31/14


Text Ad Orders

Text Ad Revenue

Google Shopping Revenue

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