Learn How to Implement an ISO™ Strategy on Google Shopping

A Comprehensive Strategy Pack for Apparel Brands & Retailers

Thanks for attending our joint session with Google at WWDMAGIC 2017! Our hope is that you walked away eager to test out Google Shopping for the first time OR refine your existing approach.

The Strategy Pack: We covered a lot of Shopping concepts at just a high-level during the session. This Strategy Pack is composed of resources that show you and your team how to effectively elevate Shopping performance in the short-term:

Included in the Strategy Pack:

  • Slides from our WWDMAGIC session
  • The 2017 Guide to Google Shopping (PDF)
  • The 2016 Guide to Google Shopping (PDF, for beginners)
  • How to Target Search Terms on Google Shopping (PDF)
  • ISO Strategy Walkthrough (Course)
  • Product Feeds 101 (PDF)
  • How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed (Course)



Seminar Speakers

Lewis Brannon

  Senior Retail Search Manager

CPC Mouse_Blue

Christina Berry

  Agency Development Manager


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