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Mastering Amazon Marketing Services
in 2018

Cutting-Edge AMS Strategies to Drive Product Discoverability & Sales

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The Story: Nothing in Amazon stays the same for long–and that includes Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). As a vendor, you need to know the changes and advanced strategies that will catapult you beyond competitors. And that starts right here.

The Guide: Get an in-depth look at the three current AMS ad types, and how to implement successful strategies for each. Explore the fundamentals of ad compliance, and unearth some tactics you probably haven’t thought of yet.

Who It’s For: Vendors seeking to get more competitive with AMS


You’ll Learn:

  • What changed in 2017 and how it’s impacting you now
  • Which AMS ad type is the most cost-effective
  • Why you should advertise products based on data, not hunches
  • How to build strong offensive and defensive Product Display Ads
  • The benefits of Auto Campaigns you probably don’t know

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