Navigating the Amazon Jungle: Everything You Need to Know to Sell, List, and Advertise on Amazon

Selling and Marketing on Amazon

You’ve seen the stats everywhere you look:

  • 72% of people used Amazon when finding products and information before making a purchase in 2017
  • 43% of all retail sales in the US were made through Amazon
  • Amazon has the second-fastest-growing digital ad business of any publisher in the US

It’s time to start getting serious about the retail behemoth if you haven’t yet. Join SEM and Shopping & Feed experts from Elite SEM, Matt Devinney and Joe Minz, and Brian Roizen from listings and integration platform Feedonomics, to learn:

  • what and how to sell on Amazon (hint: it’s not “ALL THE PRODUCTS!”)
  • fulfillment options, challenges, and recommendations
  • how to get and optimize listings
  • advertising options: sponsored product ads, headline search ads, and product display ads
  • context for all the jargon you’ve probably heard like FBM, ASIN, ACoS, AMS, and more

Missed the live webinar? We recorded it! Check out the video here.