Tinuiti Live Commerce Agenda Revealed

Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across the Triopoly of Google, Facebook, and Amazon, today announced it will host “Tinuiti Live Commerce: The Future Already Built” a half-day, complimentary online event on Thursday, September 30, 2021, from 12 – 5 pm ET. Click here to view the full agenda and register.

This half-day retail commerce event will span a dozen sessions all with one goal: help marketers conquer the new world of connected retail commerce by chartering out the bigger picture and connect all the dots. The agenda will be divided into three parts: A Glimpse of Tomorrow, Choose Your Own Path to Tomorrow, and Getting to Tomorrow all providing different parts of the “The Future Already Built” story. Marketers will leave Tinuiti Live with a playbook for 2022 and beyond that includes Amazon, emerging marketplaces, Retail Media, OTT and Streaming, Analytics, Shoppable Media, performance creative, data privacy, and operations. Participants will hear from brand and marketing experts in the retail commerce space and brands including: Sony, New Wellness, and ViacomCBS.

Keynote sessions include: 

  • Ken Hughes: Consumer Connection in a Digital Environment: Beyond the Technology 
    • Ken is the CEO of Glacier Consulting, the world’s leading Consumer & Shopper Behavioralists focusing on shopper motivation theory. 
    • Connecting with consumers, no matter the channel or context, is all about understanding their values and resonating with them. Digital communication can often be very two-dimensional, and while product search and ad placement strategies are important, the true utopia is for us to connect with our potential customers, via digital, and invoke an emotional response. The pandemic has fostered new consumer values and greatly accelerated others. No one can suggest that Retail Commerce will not be fundamentally changed by the digital step-jump that took place globally over the last 18 months. Consumers expect not just digital convenience but digital inspiration. This keynote will bring you on a journey through these values and challenge us all to raise our game with the digital interactions we design. It is in understanding the consumer psychology and cyber behaviouristic trends at play that we can truly capitalize on the opportunities that have manifested themselves in our new ‘digital first’ world.
  • John Denny: The Myth of Performance Marketing and The New Challenger Brand Playbook for Driving Enduring Growth
    • John is the former VP ecommerce & Media at Bai, where over four years he built the brand on Amazon from a tiny niche product to the #1 selling beverage on the platform– passing industry giants Coke and Pepsi. 
    • Everywhere you look in the marketing world today, the headlines tout the gospel of performance marketing and declare the death of brand building. Who needs to invest in that fluffy, expensive, and intangible upper-funnel storytelling and brand-building stuff when I can see the immediate sales impact of every bottom-of-the-funnel dollar I spend? There’s only one problem with this pervasive belief–it’s not true. And the over-reliance on performance marketing today is turning promising products and companies, with initially high rates of growth, into long-term flame-outs that stall without ever reaching their true potential. John Denny, of CAVU Venture Partners, will take you through an entirely new playbook that challenger brands are using to leverage the classic principles of brand advertising–balanced with demand capture–and apply them to so-called “performance” channels to drive rapid, yet long term and enduring growth.

Tinuiti Live Commerce (formerly known as AdDiego) is one of Tinuiti’s biannual premier events.  This longstanding event attracts world-renowned brand leaders and speakers to share best practices and thought leadership focused on Amazon, emerging marketplaces and Retail media.