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Optimizing AdWords Text Ads for Retail

How Retail Advertisers Can Drive More Product Conversions with Text

Wednesday, July 15th | 11AM PDT

With the proven efficacy of Google Shopping, AdWords text ads are no longer the most profitable way to capitalize on the high-intent shopper queries occurring on Google. Despite this, many brands and retailers still leverage text ads as a key customer acquisition and product advertising channel. So how can text ads – which are used across every single industry and vertical – be optimized for retail conversions?

This 60-minute course features CPC’s Director of Paid Search, David Weichel, discussing how retail advertisers can tweak text ad strategy with automation and different campaign structures to get a better ROI out of the channel.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Allowing Shopping Campaign Performance Data to Inform Text Ad Strategy
  • Structuring Campaigns Based on Brands, Categories, Collections, & Specific SKUs
  • Applying Automation to Improve Ad Profitability & Ad Copy
  • Leveraging Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)
  • 15-Minute Live Q&A


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Course Speakers

David Weichel

CPC Strategy| Director of Paid Search

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