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Evaluate Your Current Paid Search Strategy

Whether it’s text, display, or social advertising, we execute a PPC channel strategy that’s customized to your business’s unique KPIs. We’ve developed internal systems and processes that are specifically catered towards retailers.

Using product-level performance data to drive strategy, we specialize in constructing highly efficient, constantly evolving Search campaign architectures that find the balance between maximizing order volume and profitability.


How We Achieve Growth with Your Account

  • Assigning a Dedicated Retail Search Team to Each Account
  • Processing the Master Product Feed via CPC Strategy’s CAPx Platform & Reallocating Product Attributes and Keywords for Enhanced Relevancy
  • Allocating Budget to the Most Profitable Campaigns and Keywords, Driving Bottom Line Change, and
    Eliminating Wasted Ad Spend
  • Setting Up Ad Copy Tests to Optimize CTR and Conversion Rate
  • Escalating a Bidding Hierarchy to Match Sales Velocity
  • Installing Remarketing Tags to Collect Site Visitor Data and Create an Audience Pool to Retarget
  • Integrating Ad Extensions for Locations, Calls, Seller Ratings, and Consumer Ratings
  • Filtering Out Negative Keywords on an Ongoing Basis
  • Growing the Account’s Viable Core Keyword List Through Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Processes
  • Evaluating Audience-Level Performance, Increasing Visibility for High-Value User and Behavioral Segments
  • Testing Different Landing Pages for Each Product, Category, and Stage of the Buying Cycle for Our Clients

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