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Quality Leads Drive Quality Sales

We partner with your Sales, Marketing, and eCommerce teams to implement advertising programs that will have a direct impact on your lead generation objectives. Our unique technology combined with expert in-house management provides a comprehensive look into successful keywords and targeting, so that we can drive leads of the highest quality.




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Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend

Advanced Reporting

Call Tracking

Integrate CRM Lists

Technology & Capabilities


  • Implement offline conversion tracking & automate feedback loop
  • Integrate CRM lists on Google and Facebook
  • Integrate a Facebook lead generation strategy
  • Build out custom goal completions in Google Analytics
  • Apply effective ad extensions to encourage phone orders, click-throughs, etc.
  • Continuously reallocate budget to the most profitable campaigns and keywords
  • Create customized bidding rules to hit cost per lead targets
  • Drive bottom line change and eliminate wasted ad spend


Reporting & Refinement


  • Advanced reporting including cost per lead, lead quality percentage, & conversions.
  • Grow the account’s viable keyword list through daily, weekly, and monthly processes
  • Set up ad copy A/B tests to optimize CTR
  • Filter out negative keywords on an ongoing basis
  • Google Analytics and Facebook audience analysis
  • Website and device placement analysis


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