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AdWords Label And Product Targets


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1.Validate Ad Groups 

2.Increase bids for individual Ad Groups


Product Listing Ads Product Targets

Once you’ve saved your Ad Group, AdWords will prompt you to set up a product target. This is where you need to make sure your validation filter matches the AdWords filter you have for those best selling products in your data feed.

1.Validate Ad Groups

Click ‘+ Add Product Target’ in the tan box below to begin.


Note: All Product Listing Ad Groups must have a product target specified.

Next: Make sure you select ‘adwords labels’ as your validation method.


Then: Make sure the product target label matches the AdWords label in your product feed exactly.


So if the AdWords label in your product feed is ‘Best’ for those products which you’ve identified as best sellers in Analytics, your feed will look like this:


When you go to validate your product target, your AdWords label should match exactly like in the following example:


2.Increase bids for individual Ad Groups

If you want your Best Sellers Ad Group to get more traffic and visibility than your All Products Ad Group, you’ll need to have a higher bid for the Best Seller Ad Group like in the example below:


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