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Schedule Product Listing Ads CPC Bids

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Schedule Your Product Listing Ad Bids

Change Your Product Listing Ads Bids Based on Time of the Day


Schedule Your Product Listing Ad Bids

1) Create day of the week bidding rules

Once you have identified what days you would like to change bids on, you can create bidding rules under the settings tab. To do this, select the Settings tab like in the example below: product-listing-ads-advanced-settings Then scroll down and select the ‘Advanced Settings’ button towards the bottom of the page like in the example below: product-listing-ads-advanced-settings-schedule Expand the Schedule + tab for Ad Scheduling like in the example below: product-listing-ads-scheduling On the Ad Scheduling page, you can then delegate what days (and what times during those days) you’d like your ads running, and at what bid. The basic mode which is default looks like this: ad-schedule

2) Edit when Product Listing Ad ads are live

So for days you’d like to have less visibility, you can edit when ads are running (or not) under the Time Period tab like in the example below: product-listing-ads-time-period   To change bids for these days, you’ll need to use the Bid adjustment mode (vs. Basic): product-listing-ads-bid-adjustment This allows you to change the bid and modify when Ads are running, under the % of bid tab: product-listing-ads-bid-schedule Just like any other bid, you’ll want to revisit these day of the week bids periodically to make sure they aren’t being modified by the season or any other variables. day-of-the-week-PLA-tip

Change Your Product Listing Ads Bids Based on Time of the Day

Where you modify day of the week bidding is the same location you can change bids for different times during the day. Once you know which times of the day convert best during the week, you can then go back to that Time of Day in AdWords and modify bids, as outlined above. What time of the day converts best will vary based on the day of the week (e.g. Friday after 5pm will likely have different conversion values than Monday after 5pm), so be sure to make changes with that in mind as well.

product listing ads cpc bid jason“Make sure you keep note of when you start these changes. After 14 – 30 days, check on the results and compare them to what metrics you saw prior. If things are doing well, continue to make adjustments and maybe get more aggressive bid-wise during the positive days or hours. If you are seeing negative results, it is possible that even though we are not seeing conversions come through during those times or those days, they still play an integral part in the overall performance of your account.   You may want to think about reverting back to what you had previously. I also recommend to takes things slow at first and test out a few things. Possibly a few days or a couple hours and see how those changes effect the account. The last thing you want to do is put in several changes which ultimately hurt the performance of the account and cause you to lose out on quality traffic or conversions.”

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