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The Seller’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day

Best Practices for Taking Full Advantage of Amazon Prime Day

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The Story: Amazon Prime Day is a global shopping event held annually around mid-July and is likely be one of the biggest sales days of the year for the vast majority of sellers. With the huge influx of shoppers on Amazon, how can sellers maximize their revenue potential?

The Guide: With the benefit of hindsight on Prime Day 2015, this guide breaks down what we saw to be huge factors for success last year. Advertising, inventory management, and deals will all play a crucial role in driving performance on the Prime Day.

Who It’s For: Third-party sellers and vendors to Amazon


Topics Discussed:

  • The impact of FBA & Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Lightning Deal requirements and submission
  • Using product bundling for extra visibility
  • Customizing Sponsored Products bidding strategy for Prime Day

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