Learn How To Optimize Your Product Data With The Shopping Feed Management Guide for
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Product Data Feeds: What are they? How can I use my customer’s search query data to increase sales on my website?

The answer to all your product data feed questions and concerns are in our newest eBook.


Topics discussed include:

What is the most effective way to optimize my product data to increase sales?
What shopping engines will accept my product data and advertise my products?
How do I best-utilize programs like Google Shopping / Google Product Listing Ads, Amazon Product Ads, and Nextag?


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Learn with the people that know shopping feeds and comparison shopping engines the best.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Shopping Feeds and Shopping Engines

Chapter 2: Start a Shopping Feed Campaign – Shopping Feed Management and Optimization

Chapter 3: The Bidding Process and Ranking

Chapter 4: Optimizing Your Shopping Feed Campaigns

Chapter 5: Long-Term Management of Your CSE Campaigns

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