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When it comes to shopping feeds, one of the more difficult aspects is exporting it to the different comparison shopping engines. First, data feeds are extremely sensitive things. Each comparison shopping engine has their own unique data feed requirements that you must adhere to exactly or risk your shopping feed not being accepted. Even worse, if you send a bad data feed to a CSE when your products are already live, it can take all of your products off of that website.

DO NOT make the mistake of sending the same data feed to each shopping engine because you can guarantee that the great majority will reject it.

Exporting Your Shopping Feed with a Custom Cart

Not to take away from those with hosted carts, but if you have a custom-developed ecommerce site, odds are you have someone very tech-savvy in-house or are familiar with someone that is. If this is the case, tailoring and exporting your shopping feed shouldn’t be as big of a technical challenge and you can probably figure out how to do it in-house.

Another option you have is to pay a one-time fee to have someone export a CSE-tailored product feed for you. A nice route for this is Aten Software.

Exporting Your Shopping Feed with Hosted Ecommerce Platforms

From what we’ve found first hand and from client testimonials, many shopping cart platforms don’t make it easy for a retailer to export their data feeds, and some don’t even allow for it without the purchase of an extension. Here’s a quick rundown on the major ecommerce platforms’ export guidelines:


shopping-feed-export-magentoBeing the ecommerce platform giant that Magento is, the painful reality many retailers soon come to realize is that it’s pretty difficult to export your data feed anywhere. You’re going to have to buy an extension for your Magento shopping cart, and this can range from $50-$250.

CPC Strategy’s Feed Exporter is FREE in the Magento Store. Check out these detailed instructions on how to export your feed from Magento (Community version) to Amazon, Google Shopping, and other comparison shopping engines using the CPC Strategy Magento Feed extension.


shopping-feed-export-bigcommerceLuckily for retailers, Bigcommerce offers step by step instructions on how to submit a product feed to Google Shopping. For detailed instructions on how to prepare your data feed for submission, then first check out their resource on enabling products to be listed on Google Shopping.

Yahoo! Stores

shopping-feed-export-yahoo-storesSurprisingly, there aren’t many good resources out there on how to efficiently integrate your Yahoo! Stores products with Google Shopping. At CPC Strategy, we use Aten Software for Yahoo! Stores. It’s pretty cheap and easy to set up.


shopping-feed-export-volusionCompared to a lot of other ecommerce platforms, Volusion is quite transparent on how you can transfer your product data feed over to Google Shopping.

Try to transfer your product feed from Volusion to the Google Merchant Center by following these feed export guidelines provided by the ecommerce platform.

Amazon Webstores

shopping-feed-export-amazon-webstoreIf you’re looking to market your Amazon Webstores products on Google Shopping, it’s worth your time to check out this webinar on Google Shopping integration.


shopping-feed-export-prestashopCatalog management and exporting data feeds from PrestaShop is very easy compared to other ecommerce platforms. However, you’re going to need to buy the Google Merchant Center Add On.


For general product feed exports, this somewhat outdated resource may be of use. Specifically for Google Shopping, Shopify currently offers an app (in BETA) that would integrate your products with the Google Merchant Center.

shopping-feed-export-shopifyOther than that, Shopify suggests several other apps that would integrate and manage your products for your, but I highly recommend NOT handing over your campaigns to automated solutions. The revenue potential is too high for this.
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