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General Strategy

This guide is meant to provide an introductory overview on a general, yet effective strategy for comparison shopping management. We do not delve into the technicalities and intricacies of CSE campaigns, particularly for handling shopping /data feeds. A retailer / ecommerce businesss owner will not be able to take this guide and use it as the sole resource for managing campaigns, but it is a very strong start down that road.

Intended Audience

This guide is a must read particularly for anyone interested in starting their first campaigns. This audience will get the most value from this guide, while a seasoned campaign manager will most likely find value in just the overall strategy/philosophy behind our management as well as the website optimization techniques and recommended agencies.


While it does not dive deep into what we do here on a daily basis, the SFM guide features bidding and feed optimization techniques that we use every day at CPC Strategy. However, we have the luxury of a knowledgeable team of account managers and custom-built innovative data feed software. With these assets and our strategy, we deliver impressive results for our clients.

Reading through the guide, you may come across a lot of questions / need clarification. This is totally natural and I’d be happy to field questions. Just email me at when your concerns do pop up.


Author: Jon Gregoire (+Jon Gregoire)

Editors: Andrew Davis

Designer: Hiram Cruz

Special Thanks To: The CPC Strategy Account Management Team

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