New Opportunities

shopping-feed-management-expandAs a business owner, it’s in your blood to always be looking for new channels and sources of wealth. One basic way to do this in the comparison shopping world is to research and expand onto new, lucrative CSEs that you may not have already known about. Three that are often overlooked are Become, Pronto, and These, however, should only be considered once you have your comparison shopping management system down.

Once you’re up and running with the major CSEs, don’t hesitate to assess what these can provide to your business. You can find some of these hidden treasure troves in our Comparison Shopping Report, a quarterly review of the top comparison shopping engines.

Measure the Total Impact of Your Campaigns

The worst thing you can do is pause a campaign you thought wasn’t profitable when, in reality, it really was. Remember to consider the bigger impact a CSE campaign has on your business and try to assess it both before you launch a campaign and then shortly after. This means phone orders, total orders per month, total profit per month, and even just plain traffic.

Even though it’s against your intuition, don’t look at comparison shopping engines as Y cost for X number of sales. The impact is broader than that. Because shoppers are converting on your site, you have the potential to add hundreds of loyal customers that will continue to visit your store for years to come. The total lifetime value of a new customer is hard to assess, but it is something that should be looked at very carefully.

Likewise if you stop a CSE campaign, over the next couple of weeks you should watch your site-wide metrics closely to see if there was a bigger negative or positive impact from stopping that campaign than you anticipated. Oftentimes marketing campaigns are more inter-connected than you think, in terms of the driven traffic and the consequential relevancy it adds to your store.

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