Stay Current

It can be easy for you to be so immersed in your business that you remain stagnant to the major changes in your industry. E-commerce is certainly a dynamic field that has been known to change often and dramatically, and so for the sake of your business, you need to be aware of them.

In the field of comparison shopping, and I don’t mean to be biased, CPC Strategy provides up-to-date news and expert analysis of major industry changes, and you should feel free to use our regularly updated blog as a resource.

Other good general ecommerce websites for internet retailers are:


Outsourcing is an option you should consider when in-house management of your CSE campaigns is no longer time and cost-effective. You may choose to outsource simply because your business doesn’t have the manpower or expertise to handle CSE campaigns, or perhaps your business simply has more stressing matters to focus your time and energy on. One thing is for certain: you do not want to miss out on the money, traffic, and overall substantial growth your retail business can acquire with effective comparison shopping campaigns.

We have the tools to make you successful on comparison shopping engines so you can focus your skills on what you know best: growing your business.

You can check out our full-service comparison shopping management solution for guidance.

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Author’s note: I realize the guide is very general but the strategy it provides is what we’ve consistently seen many retailers neglect. It’s important to have this holistic understanding of comparison shopping engines before diving into the technicalities of shopping feeds and bid management, which is better serviced on a case-to-case basis.  I hope this guide provided you with solid learning experience and that you’re excited for a potential future with comparison shopping engines.

Thanks for taking a look!