Website Optimization: Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists, Analytics, Phone Orders, and USPs


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Unlike the last 5 website optimization strategies, these 4 are more on the OFFENSIVE, rather than defensive. Arming yourself with these can make you a real contender in the competitive comparison shopping space.

6. Website Optimization: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialists

shopping-feed-website-optimization-conversioniqThere are agencies that you can employ that will help you specifically with your lack of conversions. ConversionIQ is a cool agency where they will identify your site’s problem areas and not only help your conversions but also your AOV’s.  They feature many case studies that you can take a look at as proof of their delivered results.

shopping-feed-website-optimization-widerfunnelWe actually did a webinar recently with ConversionIQ. You can check out their presentation in the 2nd half of our webinar here (the 1st half is on Google Shopping).  Widerfunnel is another helpful specialist that’ll help you with your conversions issue. If you’re hesitant, check out their case studies.

7. Website Optimization: Competitor Analytics

The reality is that price is the bottom line when a shopper is considering making an order. Because of this, it’d be awesome if you could constantly monitor your competitor’s prices to ensure that you could be charging the highest, low price you could, if that makes sense.


Check out Upstream Commerce or Channel IQ for price analysis solutions. Upstream Commerce provides fully automated reports on your competitors’ prices and product data in real-time.


Channel IQ also provides real-time data on your competitors’ product lines. Thia analysis can even go all the way down to an individual SKU’s stock status.

Of course, you can always regularly go in and manually monitor your competitors’ prices yourself.

8. Website Optimization: Phone Orders

Last, and certainly not least, is an ancient tool that could be the golden key to your customer service efforts. Just look at retail giant Zappos, whose glorification of the phone is central to their outstanding customer service. First and foremost, do not outsource your call center sector of your customer service. Let’s be honest, no normal shopper wants to talk to someone thousands of miles away with a less-than-casual grasp of the English language about one of your products. Besides, it would be a reflection of your company’s lack of commitment to customer service.

Second, empower your call center workers with all the resources and information they need to handle any possible request a shopper may make. There should never be a need for a call center worker to have to refer a shopper to a manager.

Third, be human. Don’t use call scripts and, this may sound intuitive, don’t hire uptight, introverted workers because the fact of the matter is that those workers are going to be the sole interaction between the customer and your entire company.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power of the phone, because even if you receive only a few phone orders, it presents a remarkable opportunity to intimately interact with a customer. Consequentially, intimate interactions can be the lifeblood of your customer loyalty efforts.

9. Website Optimization: Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

shopping-feed-website-optimization-product-categoryYour relationships with your distributors and manufacturers will affect how well you can fix your prices, in terms of your ability to offer lower shipping costs as well as actual product prices. Your pricing is going to be a key factor in producing conversions, but if you can’t compete in this domain then consider this.

You could simply be in the business of charging more for your products while also providing excellent customer service. Your focus should be on what products are offered, how much information you can provide about your products so that customers can feel confident in an informed purchase decision, and what your overall unique selling proposition (USP) is.

Ask yourself, why are you in the retail business (other than to make a profit)?  What makes your store different from the next guy’s?  What kind of unique experience can you offer your customers?  What’s your unique selling proposition?  A USP can consist of providing first-rate customer service, free giveaways, extremely low prices, fantastic shipping and shipping rates, or combination of all. A known USP can really be a difference-maker that makes your store stand out in comparison shopping listings. Learn more about USPs here.

Continue on to Chapter 5, the final chapter of this series to learn how to manage your CSE campaigns effectively over the long-term.

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