The Shopping Feed Management Guide for Online Merchants


shopping feed management

This is our latest guide on all things comparison shopping-related, including shopping feed management, bidding, and website optimization. We hope this provides a solid overview of comparison shopping engine marketing channels and takes some of the pain and confusion out of managing those campaigns.

Table Of Contents

Intro: The Shopping Feed Management Guide for Online Merchants

Chapter 1: What Are Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)?

Suggestions Before Starting Your Campaigns
Beginning Your Campaigns
Google Adwords vs. CSEs
The Price Comparison Websites You Need to Know About

Chapter 2: Start a CSE Campaign – Shopping Feed Management and Optimization

Exporting Your Shopping Feed w/ Shopping Cart Platforms
Shopping Feed Optimization

Chapter 3: The Bidding Process and Ranking

The CPC Bid Process
Bidding 101
General Bidding Tips & Strategy
Major Comparison Shopping Engine Bidding Processes

Chapter 4: Optimizing Your Campaign Results

Website Optimization: Site Speed, Design, and Search
Website Optimization: Product Recommendations, Promotions, and Remarketing
Website Optimization: Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists, Competitor Analytics, Phone Orders, and Unique Selling Propositions

Chapter 5: Long-Term Comparison Shopping Engine Management

Long-Term Bid Management, Promotions, and Shopping Feed Updates
New Opportunities and Measuring the Total Impact of Your Campaigns
Staying Current and Weighing Your Options

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