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A Future Without Keywords:

Are Dynamic Search Ads Taking Over?

Key Insights & Strategies That’ll Drive More Traffic To Your Website at a Cheaper Cost

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The Story: Dynamic Search Ads allow advertisers to take advantage of Google’s improving search algorithms to drive high quality traffic to the most relevant landing pages. In order for advertisers to take advantage of DSAs, they must fully understand how they work & advanced strategies that empower them.

The Course: In this 60 minute Dynamic Search Ads webinar, CPC Strategy’s Paid Search Manager, Lewis Brannon, will dive into advanced DSA strategies that will drive traffic & increase campaign build-out efficiency.

Who It’s For: Retail Marketers

Topics Discussed Include:

  • What are Dynamic Search Ads & Why They Used to be Avoided
  • Latest DSA Enhancements for Retail Marketers to Utilize
  • Find out if DSAs are a Good Fit for Your Company
  • Best Practices to Optimize Dynamic Search Ads
  • Empowering Your DSAs with Advanced Strategies
  • A Future Without Keywords . . . ?
  • Live Q&A


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Webinar Speaker

Lewis Brannon

CPC Strategy | Paid Search Manager

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