Product Listing Ads Best Practices

Product Listing Ads Ad Group Best Practices

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Use the “All Products” Ad Group

Use Multiple Ad Groups

Here are 2 advanced tactics are essential to a profitable and sophisticated PLA campaign:

Use the “All Products” Ad Group

Though it wont be your only one, it’s a good idea to use an “All Products” ad group.  Not only does it prevent bid overlap issues, but Google itself recommends that you create this initial ad group. Set your All Products ad group to a lower bid than all of your other ad groups, to ensure that all of your products receive a bid.  This gives the campaign a catch-all safety net for products that a non-All Products ad group campaign may have missed in its built out structure. google-pla-all-products-ad-group   The All Products ad group ensures that all of your products are available in search. You can change your All Products ad group bid to determine how much visibility this group gets. With the All Products ad group as your foundation, you can begin to build out additional, more specific groups with higher bids.  

Use Multiple Ad Groups

While the All Products ad group will come in handy, it should NEVER be your only ad group.  Breaking out additional ad groups from the All Products ad group is essential for more granular campaign control and for ranking products which sell on SERPs. A  PLA campaign with only one ad group will impede your ability to monitor brand, category, or product type performance. So how should you break out your additional ad groups?  You can always structure your ad groups (other than the All Products ad group) based on product category or brand or even just top sellers. Ask yourself:

  • Which of your products convert the best?
  • Which of your brands do shoppers search for frequently?
  • Do you have seasonal products that you want to increase exposure for this time of year?

In just about every case where you find yourself segmenting off top selling products in their own ad groups, you’ll want to bid high on these to ensure they gain exposure on Google Shopping.


Ad Group Types

The drop-down menu above shows how AdWords recommend you break out your ad groups using column headers (product type, brand, id, condition).  However, you can and should use AdWords labels to segment your products however you want.  Below are a few ways you can segment your products and where to do so in your product feed.


SKU Level Ad Groups

While multiple ad groups is a good idea, creating an ad group for each of your products (by SKU) is predominately not a good strategy. The SKU level strategy appears to give campaign managers more control at the product level, but it’s simply not feasible for merchants with thousands of products and impedes campaign success. Merchants who use this method tend to change bids for each ad group less often, spread out ad spend, and have difficulty tracking and analyze product performance in AdWords.

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