The 2018

U.S. Influencer Marketing Report

The Rise of Micro-Influencers & How Consumer Trust Drives Sales

Influencer marketing isn’t a new concept.

Brands have been using influential people to promote products and services for a long time. But, how they consume content & interact with these influencers has change drastically over the last few years – Things are becoming much more personalized to the end consumer.

In our 2018 study of 1500 Americans, we examined how influencers impact consumer preferences, expectations & purchase behaviors.

What’s Inside the Study:

  • How do Consumers Define an Influencer Today?
  • Consumer Trust in Influencer Product Recommendations
  • Do Influencers Have a Direct Impact on Purchase Behavior?
  • Top Social Platforms to Reach New Shoppers
  • How Influencers Help Brands to Drive Product Discovery
  • And plenty more

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Inside The 2018 Influencer Marketing Report

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