The E-Commerce Business’s Approach to Facebook Performance Marketing

How Online Retailers can Leverage Facebook as a Direct Sales Channel

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If you’re a retailer, it’s likely you’re already leveraging Facebook’s advertising network to promote your products to billions of shoppers – And if you’re not, you should know many of your competitors already are. Advertising on Facebook presents a unique opportunity because it’s a channel that can address every stage of the ecommerce conversion funnel—from brand awareness to generating revenue to creating loyal customer relationships.

The Event: In our co-hosted event with the Editor In Chief of The Shopify Plus Blog, Tommy Walker, will dive into how ecommerce businesses can utilize Facebook as an incremental revenue driver.

Event Layout:

  • The Current Landscape of Adblocking & Checkout Abandonment
  • Why There is a Need for Social Commerce
  • Smarter Strategies for Using Facebook as a Sales Channel
  • Live Q&A

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Course Speakers

Sarah Rogers

Sr. Social Strategist cpclogo-signature

Tommy Walker

Editor In Chief of The Shopify Plus Blog


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