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How to Build Healthy Vendor-Reseller SEM Partnerships

An Analysis of How Brands Can Successfully Balance Advertising Strategy

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Since vendors rely on resellers for a significant amount of revenue, and resellers rely on vendors to stock them with products – both parties benefit from maintaining a well-balanced search engine marketing (SEM) relationship. Increased CPC’s, poorly communicated guidelines around MAP, and unclear B2B & B2C strategies are all things to avoid within this dynamic.

This white paper dives into why vendor-reseller partnerships matter, key elements to consider, and expert advice on how both parties can find success and maintain balance within their own SEM relationship.


Topics Discussed Include:

  • How Vendor & Resellers Can Avoid Increasing CPCs
  • 4 Questions for Vendors to Consider in Resellers SEM Relationships
  • What is a Vendor-Reseller Relationship?
  • Expert Insight from Award-Winning Vendor Partner of the Year

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