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Group Products In Your Data Feed Using Pivot Tables

with Tien Nguyen 

Your data feed is the foundation to a successful Product Listings Ads campaign. It is pivotal that your feed is up to date, detailed and designed for online shopping queries. With this in mind, its a good idea to understand how your feed is structured and to have some familiarity with excel, which is the program most data feeds use.

Within excel, functions like removing duplicates, freezing rows and segmenting using pivot tables are all extremely helpful tools to help you organize and display product information. In this video, Tien walks you through the process of creating pivot tables for your Product Listing Ads data feed.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to group and segment products using excel pivot tables.
  • When to use pivot tables and why.

Group Products By Price For Product Listing Ads Using Your Data Feed

with Jostin Munar 

One of the major elements of Product Listing Ads which is great for ecommerce merchants is the flexibility of grouping products based on performance. Using AdWords and your data feed, you can create Ad Groups for best sellers, products which don’t convert, specific brands and even products above or below a specific price.

Segmenting Ad Groups helps merchants identify products which perform well and get the best return on investment or ROI. Segmenting products by price (also called price buckets)  is an effective way to generate more or less traffic for specific product groups. In this video, Jostin highlights what price buckets are, how to create them and why they are important.

In this video you will learn:

  • What a price bucket is.
  • How to group products by price for your Product Listing Ads campaign.
  • How to create a price bucket using your data feed.
  • How to create an AdWords label for price buckets in your data feed and using AdWords.

Google Dynamic Remarketing Overview

with Nii Ahene 

Remarketing has long been a good investment for online retailers as it targets customers who are more likely to purchase from your site. However, retailers have been limited in how they remarket- either with remarketing service providers or with Google, both which limit sellers in different ways. Dynamic Remaketing is a game changer for online retailers in that it allows merchants to use product specific ads and its accessible to retailers of varying sizes. In this video, Nii discusses what Google Dynamic Remarketing is and how it affects ecommerce retailers.

In this video you will learn:

  • What Dynamic Remarketing is.
  • Why Dynamic Remarketing is important, and how it affects online merchatns.


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