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It’s our business to treat your business on Amazon like it’s our own.

We Have Your Back on Amazon

From Amazon Vendor Negotiations to Chargeback Recovery to Brand Registry to Seller Case Management—we understand the system and advocate for your business as if it were our own.
Choose The Right Package For Your Businesses

From Short-term Projects to Ongoing Full-Service Strategic Management

Our dedicated team of specialists are there to walk with you to mitigate risk and help avoid costly mistakes when dealing with Amazon. Whether we’re consulting with your internal team or executing on your behalf, our custom packages are designed to grow your business and ensure a bespoke solution that meets your exact needs.
Strategic Management
Amazon Vendor Negotiations
The Best Deal Possible

Amazon Vendor Negotiations

Do you know how you should pretty much never accept a job offer without negotiating first? Same goes for Amazon Vendor Trading Terms. You can negotiate your trading terms and fees. We know how to negotiate better deals upfront—or in some cases, even post-signing—on your Vendor terms with Amazon. With years of experience, we know how Amazon Vendor Managers think, what’s on (and off) the table, and we put all this knowledge to work to get you the best terms possible.
Fixing Root Causes

Chargeback Prevention and Compliance

Case submissions and monitoring and chargeback management are among the most tedious and challenging aspects of working with Amazon. Our approach to all chargebacks is to find the cause of the issue and correct it at the root to prevent the issue from happening all over again. The result? Better business processes and more money in your bank account.
Amazon Chargeback Prevention
Amazon Brand Registry
No Bad Actors

Brand Registry

If you’re selling on Amazon, you may experience counterfeit issues or situations where your product content is changed by a third-party seller. Luckily, the Amazon Brand Registry provides a set of tools that helps sellers avoid these headaches. Our team knows how to unlock this powerful suite of programs to not only protect your intellectual property but to also build your brand presence on Amazon and grow your business.
We Got This

Case Management

We don’t need to tell you that fielding Contact Us Cases in Seller & Vendor Central is the opposite of fun. Our team of experts has decades of experience communicating with Amazon Support. We know who to call and what to say. We directly submit all cases related to the work we do for your brand. And we can also assist you with cases that you create (warehouse operations chargebacks, accounting, finance, etc.).

Amazon Seller Case Management

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