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As one of the largest media spenders across Amazon, Tinuiti has been recognized in the Forrester Wave for offering “some of the strongest ecommerce ad strategy in the field”.
Amazon Sponsored Products
Pay-Per-Click Ads

Amazon Sponsored Products

If done correctly, a single ad can drive sales. On Amazon, however – with the right strategy, campaign portfolio, keyword tactics, and concise targeting – you can transform a business. Our team employs our proprietary MobiusX bidding technology to optimize your advertising spend, grow your share of voice, increase sales, and improve profitability. Dynamic keyword harvesting, rule-based bid optimization, day-parting, competitor analysis, budget mitigation, keyword/brand level share of voice monitoring, and brand audits are only a handful of the game-changing features our software and expertise can implement for your ads.
The Powerhouse

Amazon Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands Ads can work wonders engaging people at the beginning of their shopping journey. Tinuiti invented the playbook on how to make these powerhouse ads work for your brand. We start by segmenting branded vs. non-branded searches and finding the right keywords. After that, it’s about optimizing bids according to ACoS and business objectives before moving on to optimizing copy to align with search intent. Never satisfied, we continue testing multiple combinations, leveraging reporting data, and prioritizing bids for placements above the fold until your brand meets (and likely exceeds) its business goals.
Amazon Sponsored Brands
Amazon SDP
Self-Serve Ads

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Our proprietary, AI-enabled MobiusX technology, built for Amazon’s unique closed-loop environment, is one of the longest-standing and most sophisticated Amazon platforms on the market today. Designed to drive campaign and vendor performance at scale, our technology aligns with Amazon’s roadmap and adds additional value in the right places, at the right time. Alongside our own tools, we integrate the latest Amazon and third-party technologies, ensuring we optimize our approach based on all possible data points.
Client Case Study

Driving Sales for Bee’s Wrap with Sponsored Brands Videos

Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos empowers marketers to tell their brand story in an immersive, multidimensional way that works as both a powerful upper-funnel awareness driver as well as a workhorse to drive conversions.
Amazon Bee's Wrap Case Study
Mobius X Graphic
Proprietary Tech

MobiusX & Amazon SOV

Because understanding how you compare to competitors is crucial, our proprietary MobiusX builds an Amazon SOV (Share of Voice) metric. Our SOV metric, fueled by Machine Learning, provides a full-picture view of your brand’s position in the market. With it, we can adjust our top-tier ad strategy based on whether we’re gaining or losing share and ramp up competitor targeting when we identify a threat.
More than just pretty design

Amazon Creative

As an official Amazon Advertising Agency Partner with plenty of ex-Amazonians on staff, Tinuiti is perpetually at the forefront of crafting the creative strategies and innovative output that can supercharge growth. A dedicated creative strategist will be your Amazon creative expert throughout the engagement. Their one job? To forge a strategy for your brand that consistently delivers top-notch content while optimized to perform.
Amazon Mobile
Amazon DSP
Programmatic Done Right

Amazon DSP

Amazon’s Demand Side Platform is so powerful because millions of shoppers use Amazon as a stop in their journey to discover products. Today’s shop-around environment means it’s easier to lose customers faster than you add new ones. We put the cutting-edge display platform to work to target inventory both on and off the Amazon Marketplace. Tinuiti takes a granular approach to DSP management. Our team has the ability to A/B test, build out additional line items, and shift budgets based on your KPIs.
Beyond Amazon

Off-Amazon Traffic

Here’s the question we sometimes ask our brand partners. Do you want access to the other 51% of customers who are not on Amazon, too? While it’s important for brands to be invested in the Amazon ecosystem, there’s also a significant opportunity to reach shoppers when they’re not on Amazon. As the largest independent performance marketing firm across the Triopoly of Google, Facebook, and Amazon we are positioned better than most to drive off-Amazon traffic to your Amazon Store through search and social platforms.

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