Lifecycle Marketing

For your marketing to be truly Lifecycle, it needs to wrap around your audience’s life and reflect the way they want to consume information.

One-To-One Customized Communications

Email is just one part of your lifecycle journey. Your brand needs to build an integrated messaging approach that prioritizes the customer for a more comprehensive (and human) communication journey.

Drive Lifetime Value

Activate, Nurture, Convert, Reactivate, Repeat

The days of planning a siloed strategy across each messaging channel are over. Lifecycle Marketing doesn’t stop at customer acquisition or retention. It’s a constant cycle of activation, nurturing, loyalty, and reactivation. We focus on thoughtful behavioral triggers and integrated messaging campaigns that strengthen connections, drive revenue, and enhance your Customer Lifetime Value.
Filling Your Data Gaps

It’s a First-Party Data World

More privacy for consumers means less information for marketers. The solution? Unlock the power of your brand’s first-party data to build trust and deliver better experiences. As acknowledged industry leaders in the privacy space, we enhance your zero- and first-party data to close data gaps to customize your comprehensive strategy across all screens.

The Full-Funnel Advantage

Just Say No to Silos

As a center of excellence for Lifecycle Marketing that sits inside a full-funnel performance marketing firm, we can see to it that your cross-channel marketing initiatives support each other, not cannibalize each other. We can break down the silos to create a better user experience than ever before from acquisition, email sends, mobile messages, on-site overlays to Paid Search and Social, to Shoppable Media and Influencer Marketing.

The Lifecycle Trio

Done right, Lifecycle Marketing pops up at a welcome time, in a handy place, with exactly the information your audience needs. In other words, email, mobile, and on-site.

Email Marketing

Amplify your messages and scale your customer relationships with our powerful approach to email marketing. We can go beyond what in-house teams are capable of, utilizing a unique blend of strategy, testing, deployment, and creative to help brands scale their email marketing engagement and revenue.

Mobile Messaging

Your email marketing and mobile messaging can make a splash on their own, but they are even more fantastic when they’re in it together. Unlike email, the immediate nature of a text message creates a sense of urgency. Whether it’s a pre-email heads-up, after-email “friendly nudge,” or time-sensitive alert, this immediacy can help brands achieve prominent visibility and drive incremental revenue.

On-Site Marketing

A critical part of your customer’s Lifecycle journey starts once they get to your site. The power of real-time personalization for your site’s visitors drastically improves your conversion rates and average order values because you’re creating a series of relevant touchpoints guiding them through their customer journey experience both on-site and on click-through, overlay, and web.

Lifecycle Marketing Services

We offer everything your brand needs for a comprehensive Lifecycle Marketing program.

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Roadmap
Lifecycle & Automation
Cross-Channel Messaging
Acquisition & Retention
Analytics & Insights
Competitive Intelligence

Data Strategy

0P & 1P Data Strategy
Audience Sharing
Mobius Suite

Technology Support

MarTech Discovery
Platform & Data Architecture
Technology Migration
API Integration
Data audit/cleanup

Channel Execution

Email, Mobile, On-site
Campaign & Journey management
Full throttle workflow & execution
Technology management & tactics
Deliverability & compliance
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The Mobius Advantage

Our Proprietary Tech Gives Your Brand the Edge

Mobius, Tinuiti’s proprietary suite of marketing intelligence technology, unites every single data touchpoint of your brand into one place. With all your disparate data sources finally interconnected into one ecosystem, we can help you build a truly unified strategy across your Lifecycle Marketing and all other screens where your audience interacts with your brand.

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