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We Capture Search Intent Across All Channels And Devices So Customers Find You First

Stay Ahead of Search Behaviors & Capture Intent


The rise of mobile and voice search, advances in machine-learning, and new ad formats have all increased the opportunities for capturing your audience’s search intent.

Our team of seasoned Search Marketing veterans work across a diverse range of marketing budgets, from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 brands, to provide strategic guidance and full campaign management that can meet your business’ unique objectives and scale Search revenue profitably.

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Invicta’s ecommerce business has improved drastically since partnering with Tinuiti. Now, our customers are able to find us a lot easier, which was something that we needed. Invicta is a very popular brand (known worldwide) but we were missing out on a huge chunk of our customers because they weren’t able to find us online.

James Martinez – Ecommerce Manager | Invicta Stores

Search Marketing Led by Industry Veterans

Our team of Paid Search experts have an incredible track record of securing traffic and growing search revenue across a diverse range of fast-growing and world-leading brands. Our team includes subject matter experts that are seasoned, accredited Search veterans that collaborate on everything from YouTube to scripting, to audiences and more to meet the unique needs of your account and leverage your strengths on every search channel.

Targeting That Goes Beyond Just Keywords

Let’s face it: your customers are more than just keywords.

Which is why our search strategists account for all of the complexities of your audience to make your ads as relevant and meaningful as possible.

Our Paid Search team employs a three-dimensional approach toward understanding your audiences by using cross-channel insights from your other teams.

Defining and then refining your audience with multiple targeting layers enables your brand to hit more potential customers with highly relevant Search ads that close the gap between search and conversion.

Structure for Maximum Scale

You want your search campaigns to scale efficiently to meet your changing business objectives.

Which is why our team builds out a granular campaign structure based on the unique challenges and opportunities with your existing account to maximize future growth opportunities at scale.

Our proprietary processes and tech mean you receive the best of both human intuition and machine efficiency to take scale your search initiatives as our team works to lower costs and drive the profitability of your search campaigns.

The Best Mix of In-House & Third-Party Tools

Why settle for one tool when you can combine the very best of all of them?

Our team’s extensive tech knowledge means we can identify the perfect mix of tools to integrate your CRM data, harvest and manage keywords, implement profitable bidding rules, and more to make sure you are getting the most out of every search campaign.