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The Wholesale Brand Disruption Guide

Why More Brands are Shifting from B2B to D2C

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The Story: With the rise of consumer platforms, brands no longer need to solely rely on their distributors to stay in business (and they shouldn’t). Today, channels like Facebook, Google Shopping, Pinterest, and of course Amazon – offer traditional wholesale brands an opportunity to expand into the world of selling direct to consumer.

The Guide: In the following guide, we take a closer look at the benefits (as well as the challenges) of integrating your wholesale brand with a direct to consumer business model.

Who It’s For: Wholesale Brands / Retailers


You’ll Learn:

  • Wholesale Channel vs. Selling Direct to Consumer
  • Fulfillment & investment challenges brands may face
  • Legal issues brands deal with when moving from B2B to D2C
  • Strategies for brands who want to start selling D2C online
  • Brand control, shopping experience, customer data & relationship management

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