Tinuiti's Amazon Ads Benchmark Report Q4 2019 Released

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By Andy Taylor

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the Tinuiti Amazon Ads Benchmark Report Q4 2019 for download. The second edition in a quarterly series analyzing advertiser performance across more than $400 million in ad spend under management, this report represents the most comprehensive assessment of ad trends across Amazon search and display.

In addition to high-level metrics on advertiser spending in Amazon search and display formats in Q4 2019, this edition of the report also includes key trends observed during the core holiday shopping season, as well as deep-dives into keyword match type and Product Targeting performance.

Here are just a few examples of the in-depth analysis featured in the report. To better understand these and other core components of the Amazon advertising opportunity, download the full report today.


1. Advertiser Investment in Amazon Display (DSP) Increases 44%


Advertisers investing in Amazon display inventory through its Demand-side Platform (DSP) increased investment 44% quarter over quarter in Q4, the largest jump of the past three quarters.

Advertisers can also access display inventory through Sponsored Display ads, which Amazon formally announced in September 2019 and provides brands display access with minimal setup requirements.


amazon display investment dsp q4 2019


2. Amazon Sponsored Brands Clicks Grows By 38%, Spend By 27%


Clicks to Sponsored Brands grew 38% Y/Y in Q4 to drive a 27% increase in spend, a meaningful acceleration from the 16% click growth and 19% increase in spend observed in Q3.

Sales grew even faster than spend for the quarter, with growth of 43% far outpacing the previous two quarters. CPC declined 8% Y/Y, continuing a trend of deceleration observed throughout 2019 and across the spectrum of Sponsored Brands advertisers. Amazon recently opened up the Beta program for advertisers to use video creative in Sponsored Brands.


amazon sponsored brands growth clicks and spend q4 2019



3. Advertisers Prioritize Top Placements for Sponsored Brands


Amazon made a major change to Sponsored Brands ads in August 2018, when it announced new placements along the right rail and at the bottom of search results as well as within search results on the mobile app.

These new placements significantly expanded the number of available impressions for the format, and in Q4 2019 placements other than the top of search accounted for 65% of all ad impressions. Top of search remains hugely important, however, as it accounted for 88% of all Sponsored Brands spend.


amazon sponsored brands placement share q4 2019


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