Our Approach

Hit your brand’s Marketing Bliss Point at unprecedented speed through a customer-obsessed, product-enabled, fully integrated strategy.

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The Clarity Loop

The strategic process we use to power your brand’s performance doesn’t have a starting line and a finish line. Instead, the Clarity Loop is a recursive process, designed to measure progress at every consumer touchpoint to optimize not only tactics but strategies in close to real-time.


Transforming Insights into Impact:
Our Strategic Blueprint

From the depth of customer understanding to the cutting-edge integration of technology, our strategic planning process drives your brand forward with precision, creativity, and unprecedented speed. Discover how we turn insights into opportunities and data into the kind of decisions that grow your business. 


The single most powerful determinant of your brand’s success is understanding your current and future customers, their attitudes, behaviors, and needs. From planning to execution, we put your customer at the center. Our process is designed to:

  • Discover sources of growth
  • Develop the customer journey
  • Define customer needs, motivators, and barriers
  • Identify how culture, content, and communications impact their decisions
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Product Led & Platform-Enabled

Today, everyone is a creator, everywhere is a point of sale, and every interaction is a signal. Our proprietary technology and extensive platform partnerships help us decipher these complex signals at scale, creating Unprecedented Clarity around the insights that unlock media performance.

  • Custom planning solutions created through data engineering
  • AI-enhanced insights and strategy tools
  • Strategic integration with the media platforms that matter most to your brand
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Integrated Brand & Performance

At Tinuiti, we don’t see Brand and Performance as two separate things. As an integrated marketing agency that got its start in the world of performance, we utilize data-driven insights to build an integrated communications strategy that achieves the desired business outcomes. Whether it’s brand equity, traffic, leads, or sales, we can deliver all of it.

  • Demand Path Analysis
  • Integrated Communications Strategy
  • Role of Media
  • Strategic and Tactical KPIs
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Unprecedented Speed

Modern marketers need faster, smarter tools. Post-campaign strategy validation? That’s old news. We’re about real-time strategic and tactical optimization. Our teams turbocharge your media buys as they happen, while our stratalytics approach fuses strategy with analytics for rapid, accountable decision-making. CMOs can now walk into the boardroom with results in hand soon after their first campaign flight instead of six months later.

  • Always-on Incrementality for hypothesis testing
  • Full-funnel integration for monthly optimization
  • Bliss Point by Tinuiti for powerful and rapid data insights


Get Unprecedented Clarity with Our Breakthrough Marketing Technology

Our proprietary technology, Bliss Point by Tinuiti, sits dead center at the middle of our iterative creative process. Our tech suite powers rapid measurement and more importantly – the agile budgetary decisions you can make based on those metrics. Leveraging the principles of causal inference and machine learning, our tools include Rapid Media Mix Modeling, Always-on Incrementality, Brand Equity, Creative Insights, and Forecasting. You’ll get unprecedented clarity into the optimal level of investment to maximize impact and efficiency. We call this sweet spot the Marketing Bliss Point.

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Retail-to-Everywhere Integration

Your customer might spot your product on TikTok, search for it on Google, and end up buying it on Amazon. Our full-funnel agency model is set up to not only help your brand connect to your audience across every screen but to track attribution across the entire funnel. You’ll get a clear picture of how your retail advertising impacts your broader marketing mix as well as its impact on your bottom line.


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