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Bliss Point by Tinuiti allows us to measure what marketers previously struggled to measure — not for the sake of validating past results, but to inform the best decisions for the future.

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Boost Both Brand & Demand
Make All Your Channels Work Together

Whether online or offline, big screen or small screen, from podcasts to playlists, our patented tech is built on the principles of causal inference and machine learning to deliver clarity in today’s murky marketing world. It’ll get you to your Marketing Bliss Point in each channel, across your entire media mix, and your overall brand performance.

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Radical Transparency: The Opposite of a Black Box

While we’ve built a very sophisticated measurement platform with our Bliss Point by Tinuiti tech, we are not a SaaS company. We can be radically transparent because we’re not worried about giving away our IP. You get front-row access to the process’s inner workings and how we arrive at the output. We pride ourselves on providing clear explanations, ensuring our clients comprehend the ‘why’ behind their results.

  • Get log-level data wherever possible at its earliest availability–and we always, always show our work.
  • Through our tight feedback loops and stratalytics-driven account management, you have an insider’s view of how our technical solutions work.
  • With a single sign-on experience, The Bliss Point App, you’re always a click away from all your campaign data, reporting, and analytics.


The Clarity Loop

Unlock rapid growth through a recursive strategic process, designed to measure progress at every consumer touchpoint to optimize not only tactics but strategies in close to real-time.

  • Customer Obsessed
  • Product Enabled
  • Fully Integrated
  • Platform Enabled
  • Unprecedented Speed
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