Tinuiti Named Microsoft Global Agency of The Year

The First Independent Agency To Receive Award Tinuiti Recognized for Excellence in Innovation, Efficiency, and Growth 

NEW YORK, NY – April 27, 2022Tinuiti today became the first independent performance marketing firm to win the Microsoft Global Agency of The Year award for demonstrating excellence in driving innovation, efficiency and growth across all of Microsoft Advertising. Tinuiti is the first independent agency to receive the highly-coveted Global Agency of the Year award since the program launched in 2018. 

Tinuiti’s decade plus partnership with Microsoft Advertising is rooted in high-level collaboration, creative troubleshooting and both the transparency and communication necessary to drive high performance results. As a result, Tinuiti solidifies its position at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of digital advertising where it continues to solve clients’ complex business issues.

Obele Brown-West, Chief Solution Officer at Tinuiti, said: “It’s an incredible honor to be named the Microsoft Global Agency of the Year— an accolade that underscores Tinuiti’s commitment to excellence, efficiency and accelerating brand performance for our client partners. As the largest independent brand performance marketing agency, we’ve got the unique ability to call our own shots, move quickly, and continuously reinvest in the two most critical resources we need to grow our clients’ brands – people and technology. For as long as Tinuiti has been an agency, Microsoft has been there every step of the way. This award is testament to our deep-rooted and truly collaborative relationship, a partnership that remains instrumental to Tinuiti’s ongoing growth, innovation and success.”


Heidi Coffer, Director of Global Partner Marketing, Microsoft Advertising, said: “Microsoft Advertising is honored to present Tinuiti with the Global Agency of the Year award. The quality of nominations from this year’s partners was extraordinary, inspiring us with their incredible contributions to the industry, dedication to their clients’ growth and an untiring commitment to partnership. We are proud to celebrate our global winners for their extraordinary work in 2021, and look forward to the impactful work we will do together in the year ahead.”

Specifically, Tinuiti’s long-term partnership with Microsoft serves as a powerful expansion tool for clients looking to become global brands and international players. Market insights tailored to each country, translation services with a localized approach, plus operational and logistical consultations focused on demographic preferences, all set the stage for international expansion. Because of the integrated nature of the partnership, Tinuiti also gains invaluable line of sight on key industry insights including determining which countries and international markets should be targeted next. One notable success case is Tinuiti client partner Etsy, an American ecommerce company and household name, which has successfully expanded into five international markets (Australia, Canada, Germany, France and United Kingdom) and counting. 

The performance of Smart Shopping ad campaigns also illuminate what’s possible with Microsoft Advertising. Tinuiti’s Smart Shopping ads far outperform traditional shopping ads and specifically, leverage automation for both high-impact efficiencies and incredibly nimble strategy shifts.

Key to the success of the partnership is Tinuiti’s proprietary, award-winning technology, Mobius. This suite of AI-enabled marketing intelligence and media activation technology unifies data sources into an ecosystem where data is interconnected, providing the Tinuiti and Microsoft Teams with the ability to leverage a truly integrated marketing strategy. 

Earlier this month, Tinuiti celebrated being named PacSun’s Paid Media Agency of Record. The appointment marked the first time PacSun will formally focus on full-funnel marketing — charging Tinuiti with creatively enhancing the brand’s presence through a full-funnel media approach that unites sequential, customer-centric journeys across every digital touchpoint. 

Tinuiti’s recent accolades come on the heels of two high-profile acquisitions last year. In 2021, Tinuiti acquired Amazon-specialist agency, Ortega Group, to create the industry’s most robust full-service Amazon and marketplace program, and digital streaming agency, Bliss Point Media, which transformed Tinuiti into the largest independent purchaser of streaming/OTT media in the U.S. 

Since 2017 Tinuiti has experienced rapid expansion, growing seven-fold and welcoming nearly 700 new employees in the last 12 months alone. With an employee headcount nearing 1,100, the agency has experienced an unprecedented 59% year-over-year increase and is continuing to hire for multiple roles across divisions to keep pace with growth. For a closer look at Tinuiti’s culture, please visit

About Tinuiti
Tinuiti is the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Meta, Amazon, with more than $3 billion in digital media under management and over 1,000 employees. With industry-leading expertise in search, social, Amazon and marketplaces, addressable TV and mobile apps, CRM and email marketing, and more, Tinuiti understands that success requires both strategy and channel expertise. Each solution is delivered through Tinuiti’s performance planning framework, GAMMA, and is enabled by a proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation technology – Mobius. For more information visit


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