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The Shift to Audio and Video Streaming

Strategic Insights for Tomorrow’s Media


What You’ll Learn:

  • Elevate your measurement strategy and gain the essential tools to boost your brand’s presence in the video landscape
  • Adapt to the cookieless era by leveraging your brand’s data for precise targeting and engagement
  • Enhance your media-buying strategies amidst the complexities of the 2024 election season and discover effective methods to prioritize brand safety, maximize impact, and navigate the political landscape with confidence
  • Harness the power of podcasts and explore how to amplify your brand message through content creation and audience engagement

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The way people consume media has shifted from traditional TV to streaming, vastly changing the landscape for brands. From pricing structures and entry barriers to deciphering the complexities of measurement and targeting – streaming media is a whole new ball game, and brands must respond accordingly to keep up.

Our experts are diving deep into the trends and serving up practical strategies to amp up your streaming game. In this new era, brands must either adapt or get left in the dust. Watch today and secure your spot at the forefront of tomorrow’s media landscape.


State of the Union: The Past, Present & Future of Digital Media

The One with Disney: We’re kicking off the first episode of Tinuiti’s streaming series with a journey through the state of audio and video advertising and an inside look into future trends.

Join Tinuiti’s Chief Investment Officer and Disney’s Performance Marketing expert as they team up to give you insights into the current landscape of CTV usage, compare the customer experience on streaming TV versus linear TV, and explore the migration of live sports and tentpole events to ad-supported streaming platforms. Learn how streaming video integrates with other marketing channels, opening new opportunities for your brand’s outreach strategies.


Kaitlyn Caimano

Chief Investment Officer Tinuiti

Anthony Dugan

Director, Performance Marketing Disney

Navigating the Cookieless Era: Maximizing 1P Data in Streaming

The One with Roku:  Discover why contextual solutions and reliance on 1P audiences are the keys to the future.

Join Tinuiti’s Vice President of Advertising Operations along with Roku’s Head of Performance Sales as they navigate the challenges and opportunities in measurement and targeting presented by the demise of cookies. They will dive into the critical role of 1P data, exploring its impact on audience planning, targeting, and performance.


Stephanie DelReal

Vice President, Advertising Operations Tinuiti

TaraLynn Marinho

Head of Performance Sales Roku

Measuring Brand Equity: Navigating Video’s New Terrain

The One with the Panel: Join this discussion for illuminating insights into data utilization, AI’s impact on ad effectiveness, and innovative approaches to tracking consumer behavior beyond cookies.

Our panel features client strategy experts from Tinuiti, the multichannel data platform, Rockerbox, the global software leader in digital insights and research, Cint, and the digital tracking and consumer insights platform, YouGov Signal. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of brand measurement’s challenges, and opportunities now and in the future.


Harry Browne

VP, Client Strategy & Analytics Tinuiti

Laura Manning

SVP of Measurement Cint

Hanah Choi

VP, Client Strategy & Analytics Tinuiti

Alie Cirgenski

Managing Director YouGov – Signal & Safe

Kelsey Kearns

Head of Customer Success Rockerbox

The Power of Podcast: Driving Full-Funnel Growth

The One with Audio: Podcasts aren’t just ear candy; they’re tools for igniting purchase intent. Discover how podcasts seamlessly fit into the full marketing funnel, from brand awareness to conversion, and uncover the diverse digital inventory options waiting to elevate your strategy. 

Join Tinuiti’s Media Operations expert alongside sales pros from SiriusXM as they share insights into amplifying your brand’s voice in the ever-expanding universe of digital audio.


Adrena May

Director, Media Operations Tinuiti

Otto Chan

Sales Director, Direct-to-Consumer SiriusXM Media

Megan Konieczny

Sales Executive, Direct-to-Consumer SiriusXM Media

Media Buying in an Election Year: Strategies, Insights, and Trends

The Last One: The finale hits a high note with an exploration into the complex realm of political spending on streaming platforms. While the topic may seem daunting, rest assured, it’s a voyage worth exploring for your brand and we’re here to help you navigate it safely.

Join Tinuiti’s seasoned strategy expert and NBCU’s brand partnerships specialist as they unveil powerful tactics tailored for success in this high-stakes arena. We’ll compare streaming channels with traditional ones, offering invaluable insights into how political advertisers activate their campaigns on streaming platforms.


Rachel Costanzo

Senior Director, Strategy Tinuiti

Lyndea Dew

VP, Brand Partnerships NBCU