Login With Amazon: What It Means For Online Merchants

By Tinuiti Team

Login With Amazon: User Friend Or Merchant Foe?

Amazon announced today its new sign in service Login with Amazon, a program designed to allow Amazon members to sign into other sites using Amazon’s username and password. Login with Amazon would allow online shoppers to sign in with Amazon on apps, games and websites.

The big differentiation between a login through Amazon and other sites is that Amazon is an ecommerce markeplace, while most other logins are social. Amazon’s new venture will compete against existing sign in services from Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s Amazon’s explantion of Login with Amazon:


What Are People Saying About The Login With Amazon?

If you take a look on twitter, or comments about Amazon’s announcement, such as on Hacker news, sentiments about the new Amazon feature are mixed.

Login With Amazon For Users

For users who already appreciate Amazon, a login with Amazon seems like a good thing.  Amazon is a site which users trust, use frequently and which is integrated into their online shopping habits.

Here is one of my favorite quotes which addresses this (from crazygringo):

“For some reason it strikes me as a pretty good idea. Upon further reflection, I think it has something to do with:

  • Trust — people increasingly distrust sites like Facebook or Google (privacy concerns), but Amazon still has pretty much entirely “positive” feelings for consumers. And if they can run AWS as well as they can, then you assume you can trust them with your password too
  • Micropayments — your credit card is already linked to your Amazon account, presumably, so it suddenly enables you to pay for content, etc. on a wide range of sites where you might not otherwise, due to friction and trust issues

It’s funny… for some undefinable “fuzzy” reason, I feel much more willing to log into a site using Amazon credentials, than I would with Google, Facebook or even Apple.”

As Crazygringo mentions user login options mostly include social sharing sites which users can find intrusive. However, Amazon also has the added element of having user payment information, which is an advantage for some users as it would remove the payment section during the checkout process, but an equally intrusive idea for others.

Here is a cheeky tweet which addresses this: login

Login With Amazon For Ecommerce Merchants

Amazon’s user base is loyal and already shops online, so retailers who integrate with the Login with Amazon are potentially expanding their client base significantly.

However, its unclear as to who will ultimately own the consumer data, Amazon or the individual merchants. If you have any insight, please let us know in the comments.

Merchants already using Login with Amazon Woot and Zappos are noting success with the program (note both are Amazon owned), which is strong motivation for online merchants who are always looking to get more exposure and more sales.

Login with Amazon could also mean more features down the road, in addition to games and apps, such as one-click purchasing on seller sites, as users such as MatthewPhillips suggest:

“If I was selling something I would want to use Login with Amazon. This press release doesn’t specify, but potentially they could add a one-click purchase API, which would be very nice.”

For Amazon, this is definitely a smart move, as many users are noting:

Login with Amazon 

Would you use Login with Amazon for your site or as an online shopper?


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