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Tinuiti Introduces Full-Funnel Performance For Digital-Forward Brands, Unveils New Tech, Bliss Point by Tinuiti

Upleveled Offering Helps Brands Hit Their Marketing “Bliss Point” as Tinuiti Turns 20

NEW YORK, NY – May 16, 2024Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing agency across Streaming TV, Google, Meta, and Amazon, today unveiled Bliss Point by Tinuiti, its suite of patented measurement technology, poised to revolutionize the industry at the intersection of brand and performance. Bliss Point by Tinuiti measures what marketers have previously struggled to measure at scale—the optimal level of investment to maximize impact and efficiency—effectively, the marketing Bliss Point. 

The company announced the launch on stage at the agency’s sold-out annual tentpole event Tinuiti Live with this year’s title named after the new brand positioning of “Hit Your Marketing Bliss Point.” The event also commemorates the agency’s 20th anniversary.  

The past four decades have seen a quantitative revolution remake marketing, and what it means to be a marketer. The fundamentals – such as understanding your customer or communicating the value of your product  – have not gone away, indeed they’re as important as ever; but they are now mediated by data and technology in a landscape made increasingly complex by the fragmentation of audiences, by the rise of walled gardens, and by signal loss, among other changes. When I started out as a growth marketer 15 years ago, I longed for tools that could handle this level of complexity and supercharge our growth efforts, but as an individual brand we didn’t have the scale to make developing them feasible. At Tinuiti today we have that scale, and we have the expertise, and it’s our aspiration to partner with the best marketers in the country to supercharge their growth efforts. 

Sean Odlum, Chief Product Officer TinuitiSean Odlum

Bliss Point technology is powered by leading-edge econometric principles, modern machine learning and AI. All of that together unlocks new potential, leveraging a unique set of tools to meet specific challenges while driving ambitious goals. The platform includes multiple products, including:

Each brand has its own unique marketing Bliss Point – a perfect point of clarity to make the best decisions for the future. With Bliss Point by Tinuiti we empower brands with measurement solutions that do more than validate the past, but inform what they should do next. By combining media and measurement together, what used to take weeks, or even months, to get MMM data translated into useful insights, Bliss Point provides in real time – unlocking both the confidence and the agility marketers need to make the next best move. We are doing more than introducing another new suite of marketing tools, we are completely evolving our ability to service our clients, helping them measure what marketers previously struggled to measure and supporting their business goals by delivering solutions that drive real results.

Jeremy Cornfeldt, President, TinuitiJeremy Cornfeldt

Today’s 20th anniversary and the debut of Bliss Point by Tinuiti follows a period of continued momentum marked by recent milestones, including:

Tinuiti Turns 20: A Timeline

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Tinuiti is the largest independent full-funnel performance marketing agency in the US across the media that matters most. Tinuiti has $4 billion in digital media under management and more than 1,200 employees. The agency’s patented tech, Bliss Point by Tinuiti, measures what marketers previously struggled to measure, delivering unprecedented clarity in today’s murky marketing world to get brands to their Marketing Bliss Point. Tinuiti’s product-led approach gives brands an edge in – and across – every channel. With industry-leading expertise in Commerce, Search, Social, TV, and more, Tinuiti drives meaningful, measurable business outcomes for brands. For more information visit