How Amazon Feedback Impacts Your Bottom Line

By Tinuiti Team

All Amazon customers can leave seller feedback for each of their orders.

Yet few people outside of the industry understand why it matters so much. For Amazon sellers, feedback is a very important seller health metric.

Let’s take a deep dive into what seller feedback is (and isn’t), how it impacts your bottom line as an Amazon seller, and ways you can improve your feedback score.


What is Amazon Feedback?


Amazon feedback is a public rating of a seller’s performance based on a five-star scale.

Sellers are evaluated for their reliability:


Although the terms “feedback” and “reviews” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.


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Amazon feedback is about the seller, while Amazon reviews are about the product.

Amazon tracks the feedback you earn and averages it into your feedback score, which is expressed as a percentage. Your feedback percentage is displayed as a 12-month rating or a lifetime rating on the offer listings page.


Winning the Buy Box


Feedback from buyers is calculated into a seller’s Order Defect Rate.

This metric (along with Cancellation Rate and Late Shipment Rate) is a major component piece of Amazon’s Buy Box algorithm.

Since a reported 82% of sales on Amazon occur through the Buy Box, winning the coveted spot can really boost your bottom line.

“Maintaining a healthy seller reputation — specifically your feedback and customer service performance scores — is critical to your Buy Box eligibility and to capturing more sales.”

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-Louis Mizzell, Product Manager at eComEngine


Why is there so much focus on seller reputation in the Buy Box algorithm?


Delivering an exceptional customer experience is very important to Amazon.

It was one of the founding ideals of the company and has continued to remain a top priority (sometimes to the chagrin of stockholders).

Having a proven track record of successful interactions with buyers tells Amazon that you will likely be able to deliver a quality customer experience for the next buyer. Amazon feedback, on-time shipments, and other factors all play a part in determining which seller wins the Buy Box.


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Failure to maintain a healthy feedback score can also cause problems beyond losing the Buy Box. Amazon requires sellers to meet certain performance targets, such as maintaining an Order Defect Rate below 1%.

Not meeting those targets could result in a seller suspension or ban from selling on Amazon.


Amazon Advertising and Program Eligibility


Many sellers invest in Amazon advertising and Amazon programs to increase sales.

Ranking on the first page of Amazon’s search results can mean the difference between a product that soars or one that flops.

Increasing traffic to your listings via ads and Prime eligibility can help boost your organic search rankings over time. Taking care of your Amazon account health by remaining in good standing and staying in stock is essential.

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Participating in programs like Seller Fulfilled Prime can also help boost sales.

Amazon requires sellers to have an active account that is in good standing to advertise on the site. Some programs, such as Amazon Coupons, ask sellers to meet or exceed a defined feedback target as an eligibility requirement.


Establishing Trust with Buyers


Many shoppers don’t realize that they are sometimes purchasing items from a third-party seller on Amazon.

That’s particularly true if your products are fulfilled through FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime. But for buyers who like to shop around, having a product show up in the Buy Box might not be the deciding factor in the purchase decision.

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Since your feedback score is public, it makes sense to focus on building and then maintaining a positive feedback rating. Having a great feedback score shows buyers that you are a reliable seller, making them more likely to add your product to their carts. 

“Whether it’s Seller Fulfilled Prime or fulfilled by Amazon, the key here is the Prime badge. The Prime badge and fulfilled by Amazon sticker can boost the velocity of your products because customers trust these services.”

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-Jeff Coleman, VP of Marketplace Channels at Tinuiti


Ready to start building your feedback rating? Keep reading to learn how to do so while keeping your messaging compliant with Amazon Terms of Service.


How to Request Amazon Seller Feedback


Getting Amazon feedback begins with providing an exceptional experience for buyers.

After all, the main purpose is to measure the buyer’s satisfaction with the order. Providing a great (or terrible) experience is more likely to result in feedback than an average experience.

Amazon occasionally sends feedback requests, but a more personal note from your company can make a stronger impact.

  1. You can request feedback manually by contacting each buyer through Seller Central.
  2. You can also automate the process through a third-party app such as FeedbackFive.


amazon feedback tool
Source: Feedback Five


With a feedback tool, you can set rules and exclusions to avoid requesting feedback from buyers who have already provided a rating. You can also sign up to receive alerts for negative feedback, allowing you to respond right away.

In some cases, Amazon may remove the feedback. In others, you may be able to resolve the issue and then ask the buyer to update their feedback to reflect that. This is especially helpful when the product arrives damaged and you can turn the experience around for the customer.


Keeping Your Feedback Request Compliant


While Amazon permits sellers to request feedback, there are a few important rules to keep in mind.

Never offer any kind of incentive to a buyer in exchange for leaving or removing feedback. This includes coupons, discounts, and financial incentives. Don’t pressure buyers to provide, change, or remove their feedback.

You also can’t include marketing messaging, promotions, third-party website links, or links to your Amazon storefront in your feedback request email.

Since Amazon policies are subject to change, it’s important to review the rules often.

We encourage sellers to pay particular attention to the following: Buyer-Seller Messaging Service Guidelines, Community Guidelines, Feedback Best Practices Guide, Feedback Removal Policy, and Amazon Seller Agreement.


Positive Feedback Impacts Amazon Business Growth


Managing your Amazon seller reputation, including your feedback rating, can help you accelerate business growth.

From winning the Buy Box to qualifying for Amazon programs, feedback impacts many areas related to your sales conversions.


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